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NDT Partner offers experienced inspectors and NDT level 3 services

As a company, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of 2017, but our staff has decades of experience in the industry.

Hogne Steinnes - Partner / CEO

An innovative systematics with 25 years of experience with NDT. He established NDT Partner in 2007. Practical work experience with most NDT methods and holds a Level 3 certificate in VT, MT, PT and UT. He is Level 3 responsible for a good handful of businesses and is based in our main office in Stavanger.

Johnny Ekehaug portrett svarthvitt.jpeg
Johnny Ekehaug - NDT specialist level 3 / NS 477 - IWT

A highly qualified professional with long and wide experience in NDT and welding technology. Johnny is based in Bergen and holds a Level 3 certificate in VT, MT, PT, RT and UT. He is also a welding inspector according to NS 477 and IWT - International Welding Technologist and has held positions as QC senior inspector and QC manager.

Tom Johnsen-1.jpg
Tom Johnsen – Senior NDT technician level 3

A pioneer within Eddy Current Testing (ET), hence the nickname Tom «Eddy». He has worked with NDT since 1979, including ten years in DNV and eventually as an NDT course instructor in Force Technology Norway. Tom assists with level 3 services, with a focus on ET. He is based in Eastern Norway (Telemark/Grenland).​

We offer procedures, consulting and training in all key methods within NDT, and also experienced inspector for hire on projects.

Our customers include, for example, oil and gas, hydropower, maritime industry and rail. We are certified according to ISO 9712 / Nordtest and assist in the certification and approval of companies and personnel.

We are based primarily in Stavanger, Bergen and near Oslo, but cover most of Norway, and have regular presence also in North West. You may also contact us regarding projects abroad.


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